Published : 2022-09-01

Dosage in plastics processing


A review concerning the basic conditions of constructional solutions of plastics and additives dosage processes as well as criteria of feeders' choice were presented. Own results concerning screw feeders were discussed. The subject of the study was the process of polypropylene filled with various amounts of either glass fiber or talc dosage (Table 1) with using of volume screw feeder (Fig. 5, Table 2). Dependences of dosage yield on rotational speed and diameter of a worm, its kind (torsional or turned), angle of feeder towards level setting (0° or 30°) and filler type and content (up to 40 wt. %) (Figs. 7-10) were determined. Effects of these factors on the values of standard deviation from dosage yield mean value were investigated (Figs. 11 and 12). Necessity of research works focused on the repeatability of dosage levels of various plastics in real processing conditions was stressed.





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Bieliński, M., & Burzyński, P. (2022). Dosage in plastics processing. Polimery, 49(4), 275-282. Retrieved from