Published : 2021-01-13

Six-membered cyclic carbonates – epoxy resins modifiers


A method of epoxy resin modification by biscyclic six-membered carbonates was presented. It was demonstrated that the reaction of oxiranes with six-membered cyclic carbonates catalyzed by Lewis acids takes place mainly with formation of five-six-membered spiroorthocarbonate. As a result, polyethercarbonates, polyethers and five-membered cyclic carbonates are formed. At low temperatures the reaction may stop at spiroorthocarbonate stage. We demonstrated that epoxy resin modified with 10 wt % of urethane oligomer terminated with six-membered carbonates or biscyclic carbonate containing triethylene glycol moiety exhibited 66–83 % higher impact strength than unmodified epoxy resin, while other mechanical parameters were left intact.




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Rokicki, G., Kowalczyk, T., & Kaczorowski, M. (2021). Six-membered cyclic carbonates – epoxy resins modifiers. Polimery, 63(2), 90-101.