Published : 2021-01-12

New elastomeric blend swith increased resistance to flame


The technology of producing rubber materials characterized by good mechanical properties and increased resistance to thermo-oxidative aging and flame was developed. For this purpose, novel elastomeric blends containing chloroprene rubber (CR) and butadiene rubber (BR), crosslinked unconventionally with zinc oxide (ZnO) were prepared. The best application properties were obtained for vulcanizates with CR/BR mass ratio of 75/25, containing 2.5 phr ZnO. The vulcanizates CR/BR/ZnO filled with30 wt % kaolin or silica can be classified as non-flammable materials.




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Olejnik, A., Smejda-Krzewicka, A., & Strzelec, K. (2021). New elastomeric blend swith increased resistance to flame. Polimery, 64(1), 43-49.