Appeals and Complaints


Appeal should:

  • Detail why author disagree with the decision. Author should provide specific responses to editors/reviewers comments that contributed to the rejection decision,
  • Provide any new information or data author want the journal to consider,
  • Provide evidence if a reviewer has made technical errors in assessing the manuscript,
  • Include evidence if author believe a editor/reviewer have a conflict of interest,
  • Send to:

Appeal that meet mentioned requirements is sent to journal Scientific Committee for consideration. Committee may confirm their decision, seek additional peer reviewers or review original manuscript.

Successful appeal can lead to manuscript re-entering the peer review process. The authors should not submit a revised version of manuscript until appeal process is complete.

Editors will consider one appeal per manuscript, and all decisions made by them are final.

Appeals can be send within 4 weeks of original decision. Exceeding the deadline makes it impossible to consider the appeal.


The editorial office will consider pre- and post-publication complaints and appeals in line with COPE guidance.

Complaints must be send to Editorial Office, which will address the issue. Depending on the outcome of investigation, the record will be updated accordingly, with a form of correction, retraction or removal. Notice of action taken will be linked to the original article. Only in rare cases, to benefit the public interest, article in question will be removed.

To submit the complaint please contact Editorial office ( The editors will investigate the complaint and decide, if a further investigation is required. Complex cases may be submitted to COPE for consideration. Editorial office will respond to complaint within 5 days of receipt.

If a result of complaint is not satisfactory, the matter may be escalated to COPE or a similar appropriate body.