Published : 2010-10-30

Modifiers applied in polymer recycling: processing, properties and application


Modifiers designated for the recycling of polymeric materials have been obtained in an in-house developed reactive extrusion process of glicydyl methacrylate with linear low-density polyethylene (PE-LLD) or ethylene-octene elastomer in a twin-screw co-rotating extruder. The chemical structure of the obtained polymers (EOR-g-GMA or PE-LLD-g-GMA) and the amount of GMA grafted into the polymer was determined by FT-IR spectroscopy (Fig. 2). The influence of the amount of GMA on the thermal properties of the products was evaluated by DSC analysis (Table 1, Fig. 3). SEM microphotographs illustrating the structure of the modified polymers were also presented (Figs. 11 and 12). The melt mass-flow rate (MFR) was determined and its dependence on the concentration of the initiator, GMA concentration and screw speed evaluated (Figs. 4, 6 and 8). An evaluation of the mechanical and modifying properties of the modifiers (Table 2) as well as the waste polymers modified by them (Tables 3-5) confirm that the obtained compounds are suitable for application as impact strength enhancers and compatibilizing promoters in polymer blends.





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Jeziórska, R., Świerz-Motysia, B., & Szadkowska, A. (2010). Modifiers applied in polymer recycling: processing, properties and application. Polimery, 55(10), 748-756. Retrieved from