Published : 2022-08-26

Varnishes modified with nanoparticles for use in electrical insulation


This paper presents the results of investigation of impregnating polyester varnish modified by incorporation of various nanoparticles: fumed nanosilica, nanosilica and titanium dioxide obtained via sol-gel process, zinc oxide or montmorillonite at loading 1-3 wt. %. The compositions have been formulated using various recipes and methods of preparation of nanoparticles. The processing, mechanical, electrical, barrier and thermal properties have been examined for both basic pure varnish and varnish with nanofillers. Improving of dielectric properties (electrical strength, resistance to pulse voltage) of insulating varnishes is possible by incorporation of nanoparticles. Nanofilled varnishes exhibit also the increased thermal endurance, bond strength and smaller susceptibility to water absorption.





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Górnicka, B., Czołowska, B., Mazurek, B., Zawadzka, J., & Górecki, L. (2022). Varnishes modified with nanoparticles for use in electrical insulation. Polimery, 52(5), 367-370. Retrieved from