Published : 2022-09-01

Criteria of similarity of plastics flow in cold mold channels


Rheological and thermal phenomena (Figs. 2 and 3) play the important roles in the process of molding. So in the model investigations of molding the conditions of similarity, concerning the flows and thermal phenomena, must be fulfilled. Because of this the values of Reynolds's, Peclet's, Prandtl's and Nusselts's criterial numbers, often used in model or actual investigations of thermoplastic polymers flow in the mold channels, have been determined. Significant differences in the values of criterial numbers in a cross-section of a circular channel have been found for PE-HD flow simulation (Fig. 4). These differences should be taken into consideration when applying the criterial numbers for the estimation of similarity conditions of the plastics' flow in the procesing tools channels.





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Bociąga, E., & Sikora, R. (2022). Criteria of similarity of plastics flow in cold mold channels. Polimery, 49(1), 36-41. Retrieved from