Published : 2022-09-17

New water soluble polymeric photosensitizers containing porphyrin chromophores


A comparison of photochemical properties of two amphiphilic polymers: statistical and block copolymers of sodium styrenesulfonate and 5-(4-acryloyloxyphenyl)-10,15,20- tritolylporphyrin [PSSS-s-Po and PSSS-b-Po, respectively - Formula (I)] is presented. It was demonstrated that both copolymers act as effective photosensitizers. Fluorescence quantum yield of porphyrin chromophores; of PSSS-s-Po is much higher than of PSSS-b-Po. They can influence the photochemical reactions via energy transfer or electron transfer. The efficient charge separation in the aqueous solution containing the copolymer and viologen 1,1'-dipropylsulfonate was reached. The kinetics of the reaction of the photooxidation of polycyclic aromatic compounds (such as rubrene), solubilized in aqueous solution of the copolymer, was also investigated (Fig. 3).




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Nowakowska, M., Karewicz, A., Kłos, M., & Zapotoczny, S. (2022). New water soluble polymeric photosensitizers containing porphyrin chromophores. Polimery, 48(7-8), 533-536. Retrieved from