Published : 2022-09-17

Electrorheological fluids - materials, phenomena, applications


Summary - A review on electrorheology i.e. reversible effect of increase in viscosity of some fluids (so called ER fluids), subjected to external electric field, is presented. The problem is described taking into account a division of fluids to heterogeneous ones (the suspensions of ground solid polar polymers in liquid non-polar polymer matrices) and homogeneous ones (including liquid crystalline polymers). There were described the compositions and characteristics of both types of ER fluids (Table 1 and 2), the factors influencing ER effect (Figs. 1 and 4) and mechanisms of this phenomenon as well as its models. A wide range of applications of electrorheological systems as "intelligent" materials (Fig. 5) was also presented.




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Krztoń-Maziopa, A., Ciszewska, M., & Płocharski, J. (2022). Electrorheological fluids - materials, phenomena, applications. Polimery, 48(11-12), 743-752. Retrieved from