Published : 2022-09-18

Effectiveness of forming of polymeric special sliding layers


The problem of special sliding layers forming on the inner surfaces of polymer lining pipes applied for optotelecommunication lining, has been discussed. Authors' research results concerning the forming of such shield directly in extrusion line are presented. It has been done using a method of spray coating of water emulsions containing active components decreasing a friction. The effect of emulsion composition (polydimethylsiloxanes, polymethylhydrosiloxanes, polytetrafluorethylene, fluorhydrocarbons) (Table 1) on the resisting force F-p and resistance coefficient mu(p) at the time of pulling a cable into a PE-HD pipe (Figs. 1-3, Tables 2 and 3) has been investigated. Emulsions allowing to reach the mallest values of mu(p) = 0.06-0.08 have been selected; mu(p) alue of a pipe without sliding layer is equal to 0.15.




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Klepka, T. (2022). Effectiveness of forming of polymeric special sliding layers. Polimery, 47(9), 649-653. Retrieved from