Published : 2021-01-13

Viscoelastic polyurethane foams suitable for multiple washing processes


The formulations of non-cytotoxic viscoelastic polyurethane open-cell foams (VEPUR), which are suitable for multiple washing using household automatic washing machine, were developed. The foams were prepared using polyols containing ethoxylate (EO) and propoxylate (PO) groups. In order to ensure no cytotoxicity, the foams with different hardness, including additional polyols containing about 80 % of EO groups and having isocyanate index of 0.9–1.0, were synthesized. The foams were prepared using reactive inhibitors, which allowed to decrease the reaction rate in order to avoid collapsing. The prepared VEPUR foams had promising qualities such as: optimal recovery time (1–8 s), high air permeability (80–150 dm3/min), high water absorption coefficient (1700–2100 %), low water retention coefficient (60–70 %) and low volume increase after soaking (less than 15 %). This characteristics makes the developed foams suitable for multiple washing. After five cycles of machine washing the hardness of the foams was changed very slightly, while the users of the foam products observed a substantial improvement of the hygiene and comfort of sleep.




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Szczepkowski, L., Ryszkowska, J., Auguścik, M., Przekurat, S., & Przekurat, A. (2021). Viscoelastic polyurethane foams suitable for multiple washing processes. Polimery, 63(10), 679-684.