Published : 2020-12-15

Polymeric structure-forming agent for drilling muds


Recently, studies contributing to development of complete mud system, which would enable drilling the borehole of arbitrary length (including directional and horizontal boreholes) without necessity of mud changing are conducted at the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas AGH-UST Krakow. The article describes technological parameters of developed base mud (BFP) which constitutes ground of developed system. BFP mud will be applied as a structure-forming agent allowing suspension of other components in the drilling mud. BFP mud is characterized by low values of plastic viscosity in wide range of concentrations as well as enhanced strength parameters (Yield Point, Geles). Its parameters are easy to adjust to different geological conditions. The mud is resistant to mono- and divalent ions and to increased temperature. Due to those facts, abovementioned mud can find application in the drilling industry.





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Wysocki, S. ., Gaczoł, M., & Wiśniowski, R. (2020). Polymeric structure-forming agent for drilling muds. Polimery, 65(2), 136-143.