Published : 2021-01-15

The effect of cellulose polymer mulch on sand stabilization


In this study, the effectiveness of cellulose polymer mulch (CPM) on sand stabilization was evaluated in two kinds of experiment: laboratory and field. Erodibility index in wind tunnel, compressive strength, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and the thickness of layers formed using a solution with various CPM content were measured in the laboratory experiment. According to the results obtained in this part of study, the highest impact resistance and the least erodibility index value were achieved when using the solution with a concentration of 30 % (30 % CPM and 70 % water). In the field experiments, the resistance of mulch used in the amount of 10 and 5 t/ha in sand dunes of Kashan deserts (central Iran) and its impact on the survival and establishment of seedlings and cuttings of Calligonum were investigated over a year. The results showed that CPM has a positive effect on plant establishment. The highest survival was reported for 10 t/ha of mulch treatment in planting with seedlings method.





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Abtahi, S. M. (2021). The effect of cellulose polymer mulch on sand stabilization. Polimery, 62(10), 757-763.