Published : 2021-05-07

The impact of reduced graphene oxide on the properties of polyamide 6


Polyamide 6 (PA6) nanocomposites with electric and thermal conductive properties were formulated via melt processing of PA6 and diff erent inclusion of reduced graphene oxide (RGO). These nanocomposites showed that the small percolation threshold and the perfect formation of conductive link form with 0.5 wt % and ~3.0 wt % of RGO, respectively. Examination of crystallization confi rmed that RGO enabled the crystallization of PA6 structure mostly through speeding up the formation of
crystal nucleus, reaching the biggest and the smallest of crystal grain extent with RGO inclusion up to 2.0 wt % what enabled the generation of the most unfl awed crystalline matrix. Dynamic rheological testing results indicated the frequency-independence of G’ and abruptly decrease phase angle at the small-frequency area via RGO content of 2.0 wt % specifi es the alteration state from liquid-state to solidstate rheological performance, and validates the development of percolation link structure with RGO in the function of a crosslinking factor. The progress of fi re-retardant characteristics of PA6 was att ained due to the inclusion of RGO in the PA6 structure. Morphological research showed that RGO was spread consistently in the PA6 structure. The outcomes of cone calorimetry showed that the fl ame-retardant
characteristics of PA6 were promoted with the addition of RGO in the PA6 structure. These tests show substantial capacity for the bulk manufacture of electric conductive polymer/RGO nanocomposites.





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Sabet, M., & Hosseini, S. (2021). The impact of reduced graphene oxide on the properties of polyamide 6. Polimery, 66(4), 224-233.