Published : 2020-12-16

Polymer materials used in medicine processed by additive techniques


The article presents an overview of currently used polymer materials in various areas of medicine. Most often, polymeric materials are used in the production of medical equipment, cardiology, surgery, dentistry. They are mainly used, among others for the production of gloves, surgical sutures, various type of containers, specula or drip. Currently, by using additive manufacturing techniques, anatomical models of bone structures, surgical templates and implants are made of polymer materials. Thanks to their use, it is possible to significantly reduce the duration of the procedure and increase its precision. By using biodegradable polymers, it is possible to regenerate or replace damaged or diseased tissues or organs. Based on the analysis carried out, huge progress was noted in the use of polymeric materials in the field of medicine through the use of additive methods. However, there is a need for further synthesis of new and modification of existing polymers in the aspect of contact with the patient’s body.





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Turek, P., Budzik, G., Oleksy, M., & Bulanda, K. (2020). Polymer materials used in medicine processed by additive techniques. Polimery, 65(7-8), 510-515.