Published : 2014-01-30

Solid polymer electrolytes based on ethylene oxide polymers


Solid salt solutions in poly(ethylene oxide) have been intensively studied in view of their practical application in lithium batteries and other electrochemical devices. Many attempts of modifying the polymer matrix chemical structure and morphology have been undertaken to improve the conducting properties of these systems and increase the ion transport selectivity. The basic strategies developed in the last three decades have been presented in the paper, especially synthesis methods of new ethylene oxide copolymers, characterization of electrolytes comprising poly(ethylene oxide) blends and composites and attempts of obtaining polyelectrolytes bearing inbuilt ethylene oxide monomeric units segments.





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Florjańczyk, Z., Zygadło-Monikowska, E., Ostrowska, J., & Frydrych, A. (2014). Solid polymer electrolytes based on ethylene oxide polymers. Polimery, 59(1), 80-86.