Published : 2013-08-30

Polymeric anion exchangers for recovery of precious metals


The paper is a literature review concerning the recycling of precious metals: Au, Pt and Pd with particular focus on the possibility of using synthetic polymeric anion exchangers as an alternative method of recovery of metal traces from the solutions. The advantages resulting from the use of anion exchangers in the recycling process in terms of global demand for precious metals have been discussed. Commercial anion exchange resins offered by worldwide companies for the recovery of Pt, Pd and Au were described. The results of authors' studies on the preparation of anion exchange resins based on vinylbenzyl chloride copolymers for the sorption of precious metals have been presented.





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Jermakowicz-Bartkowiak, D., & Kolarz, B. N. (2013). Polymeric anion exchangers for recovery of precious metals. Polimery, 58(7-8), 524-532. Retrieved from