Published : 2013-10-30

Synthesis of reactive siloxane-silsesquioxane resins


A series of siloxane-silsesquioxane resins with POSS Q8 structures as network nodes containing reactive SiH groups in the siloxane bridges between silsesquioxane (POSS) molecules were prepared in a hydrolytic condensation process. The effect of reactant molar ratios (POSS/dichloromethylsilane) on the structure of synthesized product was investigated. Attempts were made to carry out the addition reaction of SiH groups with multiple bonds of olefins in the process of hydrosilylation of allyl alcohol. As a result, the resins containing Q8 POSS units and reactive functional groups capable to interact chemically with organic polymers, were obtained. This type of material can be a cheaper but still valuable alternative for the typical POSS compounds.





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Szołyga, M., Dutkiewicz, M., Marciniec, B., & Maciejewski, H. (2013). Synthesis of reactive siloxane-silsesquioxane resins. Polimery, 58(10), 766-771. Retrieved from