Published : 2012-06-30

Effective synthesis of fluorofunctional (poly)siloxanes


Synthesis of fluorofunctional polysiloxanes based on hydrosilylation of fluoroalkyl ethers (precursors of the latter were fluoro alcohols) was studied. The most active catalyst, based on rhodium siloxide complex, was selected on the ground of a comparison of the catalytic performance of platinum and rhodium complexes. The rhodium complex was immobilized in four different ionic liquids and catalytic activities of the obtained systems were compared, while performing multiple reaction runs with the use of the same portion of catalyst.





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Maciejewski, H., Karasiewicz, J., & Marciniec, B. (2012). Effective synthesis of fluorofunctional (poly)siloxanes. Polimery, 57(6), 449-455. Retrieved from