Published : 2012-09-30

Polyethylene wax — preparation, modification and applications


In the paper, a wide range of substances, known as waxes, have been characterized. The main methods of preparation of polyethylene waxes, which belong to the family of synthetic waxes, were described. They are formed in the polyethylene degradation processes and are synthesized as the main product or as a by-product in polyethylene production. The methods of modification of waxes, which result in the improvement of their properties and quality, that determine the possible application areas, have been discussed. The examples of various uses of polyethylene waxes were given, indicating the high value of these materials.





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Marszałek, G., & Majczak, R. (2012). Polyethylene wax — preparation, modification and applications. Polimery, 57(9), 640-645. Retrieved from