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Effect of fiber content and their hybridization on bending and torsional strength of hybrid epoxy composites reinforced with carbon and sugar palm fibers

N. M. Z. Nik Baihaqi    A. Khalina    N. Mohd Nurazzi    H. A. Aisyah    S. M. Sapuan    R. A. Ilyas   

Effect of fiber orientation and fiber loading on the mechanical and thermal properties of sugar palm yarn fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin composites

N. Mohd Nurazzi    A. Khalina    M. Chandrasekar    H.A. Aisyah    S. Ayu Rafiqah    R.A. Ilyas    Z.M. Hanafee   

Degradation and physical properties of sugar palm starch/ sugar palm nanofibrillated cellulose bionanocomposite

M. S. N. Atikah    R. A. Ilyas    S. M. Sapuan    M. R. Ishak    E. S. Zainudin    R. Ibrahim    A. Atiqah    M. N. M. Ansari    R. Jumaidin   

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