Published : 2022-08-23

Construction of axial-symmetric polymeric extrudates of complex forms


Polymer products of axial-symmetric constructions, obtained in extrusion processes, were characterized on the basis of literature review (mainly patents). An idea of such product' applications was presented. The new functional features widening the applications of the products in various technical fields were mentioned. Manufacturing methods were described and analyses of complex constructions as well as the classification of the products, according to the adopted constructional criterion (Fig. 5), were done on the examples of extrudates applied in optotelecommunication protective cables (Fig. 1, 2). Special attention has been paid to constructional solutions with additional functional ducts (Fig. 3, 4), external and internal form elements (Fig. 6) or additional elastic joints (Fig. 7-9). The advantages and disadvantages of such products were characterized and possibilities of functional features' improvement, dependently on use requirements (Table 1), were noticed.





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Klepka, T. (2022). Construction of axial-symmetric polymeric extrudates of complex forms. Polimery, 53(5), 390-395. Retrieved from