Published : 2022-08-23

Anti-graffiti protective coatings


The problems concerning graffiti phenomenon (Fig. 1 and 2) were discussed on the basis of literature review. The techniques of graffiti spread and materials used were described shortly. The methods of protection against graffiti and their removal from various surfaces (e.g. porous or nonporous) were presented. The varnishes forming anti-graffiti coatings were presented in detail. Directions of their applications as well as the methods of graffiti removal from substrates protected with such varnishes were discussed (Table 1).





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Mańczyk, K., Mańczyk, K., Trzebicka, B., & Dworak, A. (2022). Anti-graffiti protective coatings. Polimery, 53(11-12), 830-835. Retrieved from