Published : 2022-08-26

Time-temperature-transformation (TTT) cure diagram for EPY® epoxy system


Curing reactions of the EPY® epoxy system (Epidian 6+TETA) applied for machine foundation chocks were studied to determine time-temperature-transformation (TTT) isothermal cure diagram for this system. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and rotational viscometry were used to obtain the experimental data. Empirical models based on dependence between conversion degree and glass transition temperature, as well as reckoning of times to gelation and times to vitrification were used and compared to the experimental data. The investigation was made in the temperature range 23-100°C, which is considered to be optimum for the isothermal curing of the epoxy system studied. The experimental results obtained in this range are in fair agreement with the calculations. The presented curing diagram provides a considerable insight into the thermo-mechanical behavior of the EPY® system during its curing and can be a useful tool for analyzing and designing manufacturing processes of foundation chocks suitable for various practical applications.





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Urbaniak, M., & Grudziński, K. (2022). Time-temperature-transformation (TTT) cure diagram for EPY® epoxy system. Polimery, 52(2), 117-126. Retrieved from