Published : 2022-08-30

Perspectives of ionic liquids' applications in polymer chemistry


The general characteristics of ionic liquids, i.e. organic salts that are liquid in the temperature range close to ambient temperature, has been presented, including the structure, preparation methods (Scheme A) and some of their specific properties. Special attention has been paid to the properties useful in polyreactions leading to the polymers' formation (they are non-volatile, thermally stable, polar and able to solubilize the catalytic systems for polymerization, especially organometallic ones). The perspectives of ionic liquids' applications in the syntheses of polymer with well-defined structure, formed as a result of controlled polymerization, as well as electrolytes in the processes of preparation of conductive polymers (Scheme B-E) were analyzed.





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Kubisa, P. (2022). Perspectives of ionic liquids’ applications in polymer chemistry. Polimery, 51(7-8), 485-490. Retrieved from