Published : 2022-09-01

Construction of clamping units of injection molding machines


Functions of clamping unit (Z-O) being a part of molding machine tool system have been presented. The factors characterizing the work and functional properties of Z-O unit were discussed. Criteria of such units' classification were defined and attempt to classify the units on the basis of these criteria has been done (Figs. 2-10). Currently used constructions of Z-O units were presented (Figs. 11, 12). The structure and principle of working of the latest or most characteristic Z-O units, in relation to particular groups of classification, as well as of uncharacteristic Z-O units showing interesting construction features (Figs. 13-15) were described. Additionally, the factors determining the changes in Z-O units constructions, the effect of construction on the performance characteristic as well as the latest trends in such units design (automation) were presented.





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Jachowicz, T. (2022). Construction of clamping units of injection molding machines. Polimery, 50(2), 110-117. Retrieved from