Published : 2021-01-12

Polymers in medicine – direction of development


The paper constitutes a brief and subjective review of polymeric materials in the contemporary health service. The range of applications of polymeric materials is discussed, special att ention being paid to such materials for the development of carriers of pharmaceutically active species, stents and vascular prostheses, amongst them to the application of „smart” materials for these purposes, layers and scaff olds for the growth of organs and tissues, antifouling layers. The authors try to turn the att ention of the reader to the research and intellectual eff orts necessary for the development of polymeric materials for the medicine, and conclude about the growing importance of such studies.





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Dworak, A., Utrata-Wesołek, A., Otulakowski, Łukasz, Kasprów, M., & Trzebicka, B. (2021). Polymers in medicine – direction of development. Polimery, 64(10), 645—655.