Published : 2022-09-01

Some new problems of automatic control of extrusion process


Control of an extrusion process in the extruder with a passive grooved feed section bases on either the screw velocity change (Fig. 1) or the changes of temperatures of particular heating zones of plastifying system and extruder head. This work concerns the better use of possibility of control offered by the extruder with active grooved feed section. Its constructional features can fit the processes carrying out in it (Fig. 3). An idea of an extruder, allowing changing the direction of the grooves' torsion during the extrusion as well as to change continuously an angle of the grooves' torsion and their cross-section shape, was elaborated and then the model and a prototype were constructed. On this basis the conditions allowing selecting the optimal couple of screw velocity and an angle of the grooves' torsion leading to the optimal work of an extruder (Figs. 5 and 6) were presented. These activities and application of self-learning mechanisms, using the artificial intelligence methods, allow constructing the system of automatic control of an extrusion process, able to improve its own efficiency gradually with extruder use. A number of limitations of such optimization were pointed out.





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Sikora, J., & Broel-Plater, B. (2022). Some new problems of automatic control of extrusion process. Polimery, 49(3), 195-201. Retrieved from