Published : 2022-09-17

Multihydroxyl hyperbranched polyethers


A paper presents a review of the synthesis, properties and pplications of multihydroxyl hyperbranched polyethers. General escription of the synthesis and characteristic of such products is followed with detaily presented method of these olyethers producing in SCROP process (Self Condensing Ring pening Polymerization) going according to the cationic as well s anionic mechanisms. Polymerizations of oxirane (glycidol) and set of hydroxyoxetanes were examined. Possibilities of hyperbranched polyethers applications have been analyzed from the point of view of their specific features.




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Bednarek, M. (2022). Multihydroxyl hyperbranched polyethers. Polimery, 48(3), 163-170. Retrieved from