Published : 2022-09-19

Chemical heterogeneity of copolymers and its characterization


The heterogeneity of copolymers in chemical composition is overviewed qualitatively. The following topics are discussed: the non-uniformity of copolymers and its description; the heterogeneity of statistical and block copolymers; tile effect of chemical heterogeneity on the properties of copolymers; the methods used to characterize chemically heterogeneous copolymers; size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) of copolymers involving concentration and composition detection; SEC with on-line concentration and light-scattering detection; and the calculation of the distribution functions of chemically heterogeneous copolymers based on the operating parameters of synthesis.




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Kratochvil, P., & Stejskal, J. (2022). Chemical heterogeneity of copolymers and its characterization. Polimery, 46(11-12), 761-767. Retrieved from