Published : 2023-10-25

Potato starch plasticization by natural deep eutectic solvent


A natural deep eutectic solvent (NADES) based on choline chloride and malic acid was used to plasticize potato starch. The influence of starch gelatinization temperature, NADAES content and the method of its incorporation (before and after gelatinization) on starch plasticization was investigated. Polymer-plasticizer interactions were studied using MDSC, DMTA, XRD and FTIR-ATR methods. The viscosity of starch solutions as well as the mechanical properties and water absorption of the obtained films were determined. Gelatinization conditions had a significant impact on the viscosity of starch solutions and the physicochemical properties of the obtained films. The cross-linking reaction between starch and malic acid was confirmed by MDSC, DMTA, and mechanical properties. Slight recrystallization of starch was observed after 12 months of storage.





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Skowrońska, D., & Wilpiszewska, K. (2023). Potato starch plasticization by natural deep eutectic solvent. Polimery, 68(9), 480-486.