Published : 2021-01-13

Polyurethane composite structures with 3D fabrics


Polyurethanes (PUR), which are known to exhibit energy absorption properties, have been selected for use as structural elements of the shields protecting the rescuers from the shockwaves. In order to increase the ability of these materials to absorb energy the composite structures containing polyester 3D fabrics have been prepared. Polyurethanes of various hardness (40, 85, 95 ShA) were used in the study. The impact tests were carried out with two analytical methods using Dynatup 9250HV column impact hammer and the impact energy absorption testing setup constructed with accordance to the British standard BS 7971-4:2002. The evaluated polyurethanes with different hardness exhibited similar capabilities of energy absorption (more than 82 J). Introduction of polyester 3D fabrics increased the amount of energy that could be absorbed by the examined composite structures (more than 87 J).




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Ryszkowska, J., Auguścik, M., Leszczyńska, M., Mizera, K., Wierzbicki, Ł, Szymczak, T., Lasota, P., Lipert, K., & Półka, M. (2021). Polyurethane composite structures with 3D fabrics. Polimery, 63(9), 611-618.