Published : 2021-01-20

Geometric analysis of injection-molded polymer gears (Rapid communication)


Properties of polymer gears were tested using coordinate measurement methods. This study is a follow-up to research on geometric accuracy of gears manufactured by injection molding. Spur gears were measured on a coordinate measuring machine running the GINA software by Klingelnberg. Measurement results were output in the form of measurement sheets which included values required in the DIN 3962 standard. The article also analyses the topography of test gear teeth. The topography was presented for a single tooth of the gear and determined on the basis of the measurements of 9 profiles distributed evenly over a specific profile assessment interval (interval Lα defined in the standard) and 7 tooth traces located within a relevant tooth trace assessment interval (interval Lβ defined in the standard). All gears tested in this study were placed outside accuracy class 12.





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Pisula, J. . (2021). Geometric analysis of injection-molded polymer gears (Rapid communication) . Polimery, 66(1), 56-62.