Published : 2021-01-24

Essential oils as biocidal agents in natural rubber vulcanizates


Natural rubber compounds filled with carbon black or calcium carbonate and crosslinked using dicumyl peroxide, were modified by addition of various essential oils with biocidal action confirmed in the literature. It was found that the type of essential oil and filler used determines the degree of crosslinking and mechanical properties of the vulcanizates. The resistance against mould fungi was shown by vulcanizates modified with thyme, clove or geranium oil, whereas bactericidal action was observed in cases of tea tree, mandarin or lemongrass oil used as modifying agents.




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Kmiotek, M., Bieliński, D. M., Piotrowska, M., & Jakubowski, W. (2021). Essential oils as biocidal agents in natural rubber vulcanizates. Polimery, 61(1), 39-45.