Published : 2021-08-09

Protective paints from natural resources: composition and properties


Climate changes and increasing cost of non-renewable resources cause the growing interest in technical materials prepared from natural resources. To meet this interest, prototype paints from rosin and bio-diols derivatives, and also halloysite, were formulated to check their thermal, mechanical, visual and functional properties, as protective coatings of steel. Prepared materials contained ca. 75 wt.% of natural resources and exhibited considerably better corrosion protection, thermal stability, and also higher glass transition temperatures and hardness, than a commercial petroleum-based reference sample. The other parameters: cross-linking behavior, color, gloss, cupping resistance, adhesion and chemical resistance were within the range that is acceptable for potential users.





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Kugler, S., Ossowicz-Rupniewska, P., Wierzbicka, E., & Łopiński, J. (2021). Protective paints from natural resources: composition and properties. Polimery, 66(7-8), 411-417.