Published : 2015-02-28

Fatigue performance of aging asphalt mixtures


Fatigue and aging inevitably exist in asphalt pavement. To reveal fatigue characteristics, strength tests were carried out under different loading rates (v). The rules of dynamic loading strength (Sdz) and v were acquired and the real stress ratios corresponding to the fatigue test loading rates were obtained. Fatigue equations describing fatigue life (Nf as a function of the nominal (tm) and real (ts) stress ratios were also acquired. It was discovered that the equations could be extended to the strength failure point (ts = 1, Nf = 1) based on the real stress ratio, but not the nominal stress ratio. The equation provided the theoretical method to design a method to assess aging of asphalt pavement.





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Song-tao, L., Zhaohui, L., & Juan, X. (2015). Fatigue performance of aging asphalt mixtures. Polimery, 60(2), 126-131.