Published : 2015-02-28

Computer simulations of cellular injection moulding process


Computer simulations of the MuCell — microcellular injection moulding process were carried out using Moldflow Plastics Insight 5.0 software. An analysis of the effect of plastic type and wall thickness of the moulded part on its porous structure, internal stress and strain as well as the value of volumetric shrinkage was performed. The results of these simulations were compared with the relationships for cellular injection moulding process using chemical blowing agent. It was found that the cavity height has a significant influence on the distribution of temperature and pressure of liquid plastic as well as size and distribution of pores in the moulded parts. Application of this injection moulding method can significantly reduce the holding time and pressure and, in effect, the time of the injection cycle.




Palutkiewicz, P. (2015). Computer simulations of cellular injection moulding process. Polimery, 60(2), 132-143.