Published : 2011-03-30

Low-temperature plasma modification of polymers - methods and equipment


This paper constitutes a comprehensive review of the literature on the application of low-temperature plasma for the modification of the surface layers (SL) of polymeric materials (Figs 1-3, Table 1). The main objectives for modification of these materials have been discussed and a short description of the basic methods of modification has been presented. The principles of low-temperature plasma and the way in which it influences selected properties of the surfaces of polymers have also been evaluated. The application of low-temperature plasma generated under atmospheric or reduced pressures in some selected modification methods with special consideration of the corona discharge method in air has been presented (Figs 4-11).





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Żenkiewicz, M., Rytlewski, P., & Malinowski, R. (2011). Low-temperature plasma modification of polymers - methods and equipment. Polimery, 56(3), 185-195. Retrieved from