Published : 2011-05-30

Functional graded self-reinforced polypropylene sheets


Self-reinforced polypropylene composites (SR-PP) combine exceptional mechanical properties with an impressive light-weight construction potential and good recycling qualities. This paper focuses on the description of the structural composition and the potential of self-reinforced polypropylene sheets. First of all, the functionality of self-reinforcement is specifically illustrated. The performance of SR-PP sheets in comparison to conventionally reinforced fibre composites is highlighted. In order to gain basic knowledge of SR-PP composites, the processing technology is illustrated in detail. The consolidation process significantly influences the self-reinforcement and, consequently, the final property composition of the SR-PP sheets. Based on the requirements regarding component application, the challenges in transferring the material technology to application series are outlined. Thermo-mechanical gradation provides a good approach to solving the problem of depicting complex demand profiles in order to enable economic viability in broad fields of application. Functional gradation significantly influences the mechanical properties of SR-PP sheets locally, thus, making it possible to produce impact strengths and consistencies compatible adjusted to the component functions.





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Bledzki, A. K., Ries, A., & Passmann, D. (2011). Functional graded self-reinforced polypropylene sheets. Polimery, 56(5), 369-374. Retrieved from