Published : 2011-08-30

Autocatalytic metallization of polymeric materials


This paper constitutes a review of the literature focusing on the metallization of the surfaces of polymeric materials. The main advantages of this method of polymer surface modification has been discussed and a detailed description of the electroless modification procedure with special consideration on the autocatalytic metallization has been presented (Fig. 1). The role and the possible mechanisms of action of metallization bath components such as reducing and complexing agents as well as stabilizers has been explained (Table 1). The importance of maintaining the stability of the galvanization bath and also the activation of the surface layer of the polymeric material to be metalized has been emphasized. (Figs. 2, 3). The general trend of current research work in the direction of developing new catalysts, their methods of introduction into the polymeric materials and laser activation has been indicated.





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Żenkiewicz, M., Moraczewski, K., & Rytlewski, P. (2011). Autocatalytic metallization of polymeric materials. Polimery, 56(7-8), 541-548. Retrieved from