Published : 2022-08-24

Modified bentonites as adsorbents of hydrocarbons' vapors


The processes of organophilization of three types of commercial bentonites, markes with symbols SN, BS and BW, with quaternary ammonium salts differing in chemical structure (QAS, Table 1 and 2) were carried out. The effects of type of substituent at nitrogen atom in QAS on adsorbing capacity of modified bentonites towards 5 various hydrocarbons: gasoline, diesel fuel, benzene, hexane and toluene has been characterized. Unmodified zeolite was used as a reference sample (Table 3, Fig. 1 and 2). The best results (maximal values of weight rise, in %) were obtained for SN bentonite modified with QAS with one benzyl, one decyl and two methyl substituents.





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Oleksy, M., & Heneczkowski, M. (2022). Modified bentonites as adsorbents of hydrocarbons’ vapors. Polimery, 53(3), 219-223. Retrieved from