Published : 2022-09-17

Polyimides. Part I. Synthesis and physicochemical properties


A review of methods of a synthesis of industrially manufactured olyimides (PI) has been done. Two-step method based on the uitable polyamide acid (PAA) preparation and its imidization o PI as well as one-step method consisting in direct olycondensation of aromatic tetracarboxylic acids' di-anhydrides with aromatic diamines were described. PAA hysicochemical properties (especially hydrolysis ability) and midization mechanism were discussed. The effect of chemical tructure of PI discussed on the conformation of their acromolecules as well as on some mechanical and thermal roperties has been characterized. Basic information concerning polyetherimides, polyamid eimides, fluorinated PI and poly (bismaleateimides) were also given in the review.




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Hałasa, E. (2022). Polyimides. Part I. Synthesis and physicochemical properties. Polimery, 48(3), 171-178. Retrieved from