Published : 2023-04-25

Modification of bentonite nanoclay for textile application


The influence of the bentonite content (1, 3, 5 wt%) on the mechanical properties of lightweight
cotton (C), polyester (P) and polyester-cotton (P/C 50/50) fabrics was investigated. Starch was used as
a water-insoluble binder for coating fabrics. Bentonite nanoparticles were obtained by repeated hydration,
decantation and evaporation of the water dispersion. The bentonite particle size was determined
by the XRD method using the Debye-Scherrer equation. The diffraction of the laser beam was used to
determine particles size distribution. The addition of bentonite nanoclay significantly improved tensile
strength (26-61% and 99–118% in the warp and weft direction, respectively) and tear strength (4‒13%
and 5–24% in the wrap and weft direction, respectively) of coated fabrics. Their abrasion resistance
has also slightly increased. The biggest changes were noted for the cotton fabric, the smallest for the
polyester fabric, which may result from the low compatibility between starch and the polyester fabric.





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Amir, M., Hasany, S. F. ., & Asghar, M. S. A. . (2023). Modification of bentonite nanoclay for textile application. Polimery, 68(2), 79-85.