Published : 2013-10-30

POSS compounds as modifiers and additives for elastomeric composites


The possibility of using silsesquioxanes (POSS) as nanofillers or modifying additives to elastomers: methylvinylsilicone (MVQ) and hydrogenated butadiene-acrylonitrile (HNBR) rubber was studied. It was found that suitably functionalized silsesquioxanes can take part in the cross-linking of rubbers and increase their mechanical strength, especially at temperature of -50 °C. They can also reduce the ageing effects and increase the surface hydrophobicity, while at the same time influencing oxygen barrier properties. The addition of POSS compounds containing acidic or basic groups to rubber vulcanizates enables the preparation of materials with self-healing properties.





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Zaborski, M., Strąkowska, A., Kosmalska, A., Maciejewski, H., & Dutkiewicz, M. (2013). POSS compounds as modifiers and additives for elastomeric composites. Polimery, 58(10), 772-782. Retrieved from