Published : 2011-04-30

New aromatic polyesteramides: synthesis and properties


New aromatic polyesteramides with fairly high average molecular weight [(72-229) · 10³] and rather narrow polydispersity in the range of 2.0-3.7 were prepared by polycondensation reaction of different aromatic diamines with a diacid chloride containing preformed ester groups. These polymers, easily soluble in N-methylpyrrolidinone, were cast into transparent, flexible films of various thickness (5-40 μm). The polymers showed high thermal stability with initial decomposition temperature above 340 °C and glass transition temperature in the range of 190-220 °C. The viscoelastic behavior of the new polyesteramides was investigated in the temperature range from -100 °C to 260 °C by dynamic mechanical analysis.





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Sava, I. (2011). New aromatic polyesteramides: synthesis and properties. Polimery, 56(4), 263-270. Retrieved from