Published : 2011-04-30

Pulverization of selected thermoplastic polymer blends


Investigation results on pulverization process of thermoplastic polymer blends PE-LD/PE-HD, PE-LLD/PE-HD, PE-LD/PP, PE-LLD/PP and PE-LD/PS are presented. Studies were carried out by means of modified single-screw extruder with a three-zone-screw and mixing element. The barrel temperature control system consisted of a band heater at the level of the feed and compression geometric screw zones and a two-part copper coil cooler at the level of metering screw zone. Powders of particle size from 0.1-2.0 mm were obtained as a result of the pulverization process. The mechanical, rheological and thermal properties of the original blends and their corresponding powders after pulverization were evaluated. SEM micrographs of the samples were also performed.





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Młodzianowska, E., & Steller, R. (2011). Pulverization of selected thermoplastic polymer blends. Polimery, 56(4), 317-323. Retrieved from