Published : 2022-08-23

Contemporary perspectives of polyurethane powder lacquers development


The paper presents a literature review covering most important problems related to present directions of polyurethane (PUR) powder lacquers development, including new contributions concerning the use of various diisocyanates in this field. Special attention has been paid to the processes of external and internal blocking of isocyanate groups. First of them consist in introducing of blocking agent with labile H atom (e.g. alcohol or amine), called latent blocking agent, which after unblocking at curing temperature escape to the atmosphere. Internal blocking consists in forming of various groups uretdione, allophanate or biuret ones at the cost of reactions with part of isocyanate groups.





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Pilch-Pitera, B. (2022). Contemporary perspectives of polyurethane powder lacquers development. Polimery, 53(7-8), 513-518. Retrieved from