Published : 2015-04-30

Chemically crosslinked polyethylene foams of limited flammability


A method to prepare chemically crosslinked polyethylene foams from a mixture consisting of polyethylene, foaming agent, crosslinking agent, antioxidant and flame retardant was discussed in this paper. The extrusion was carried out using a twin-screw extruder (temperature of barrel zones: 100, 110, 125 and 125 °C). Crosslinking process of the extruded material was performed at 160 °C for 5 min. The polyethylene films were foamed in silicon oil at 225 °C for 2 min. The influence of the content of flame retardant on density, hardness, flammability and tensile strength of the obtained foam was determined.





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Raszkowska-Kaczor, A., Stasiek, A., Janczak, K., & Olewnik-Kruszkowska, E. (2015). Chemically crosslinked polyethylene foams of limited flammability. Polimery, 60(4), 283-285.