Published : 2014-01-30

Polyoxazolines — mechanism of synthesis and solution properties


Oxazolines and the mechanism of their polymerization have been known for over 40 years. The relatively easy control of the polymerization process of oxazolines, the wide range of oxazoline polymer properties, reaching from strongly hydrophilic through amphiphilic, temperature responding to strongly hydrophobic and last not least their high biocompatibility cause that these polymers are intensively studied and the interest for them seem to increase. In this paper the cationic polymerization of polyoxazolines, especially the problem of the reversible desactivation and reactivation of active centers, the self-organization and response to temperature changes of polyoxazolines is discussed basing upon own research and literature reports. The synthesis of nanocontainers based upon the thermoresponsivity of polyoxazolines for obtaining hollow nanoparticles in nanometer range is also described.





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Dworak, A., Trzebicka, B., Kowalczuk, A., Tsvetanov, C., & Rangelov, S. (2014). Polyoxazolines — mechanism of synthesis and solution properties. Polimery, 59(1), 88-94.